Åpent brev til McDonalds i England @ 15 Oct 2011
Regarding Piccadely Circus advirsment

Our board was informed of your advertisement-plaque at Piccadely Circus, London (see attachment), picturing a hand throwing scissors and the text reading “ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS I’m lovin’ it”. We could not avoid to react strongly by your use of the Rock, paper, scissors franchise in your public relation strategy. We, the Norwegian RPS-association (Norsk forbund for steins, saks, papir) have been contacted by our English counterparts to try to resolve this matter with you, seeing that the English association have their hands full with their upcoming season.

All thought either expression or the sport Rock, paper , scissors by legal definition is a registered trademark, both national chapters and the world RPS league have had an agreement with all major corporations that use of the sport for PR-purposes should go through the national association before being set into motion. This has been an important mechanism to shelter the sport from commercialism and to misinform the public. With the remarkably poorly thrown scissor in your advertisement, we have to ask our self if the breaking of our treaty is a result of an uneducated PR-agent or pure spite.

The fact that McDonalds have a reputation regarding both malnutrition and poor working conditions (e.g. the prohibitance for practicing RPS in times of low pressure at the cashiers point), the RPS-associations have problems being associated with McDonalds as such. We expect that the former mentioned advertisement t-plaque and all like it will be removed by 01.12.2011. If this request is not respected, we are forced consider legal actions.

Yours sincerely

Martin Giset, Legal adviser The Norwegian Rock Paper Scissors Association