Application to host the World Championship in 2015 @ 31 Aug 2015
Tangible growth impulses, confidence in the future and optimism for the region combined with a compact, spectacular public festival and broad regional and national support constitutes the very foundation of Oslo 2015s World Championship application.

It is a gathered rock, paper, scissors society that stands behind the application to host the World Championship tournament in rock, paper, scissors in the beginning of December 2015. The Norwegian Association for rock, paper, scissors wants to promote and strengthen Norway’s interest and the international rock, paper, scissors movement. This will be achieved through a magical sports fest.

Norway has a long and proud rock, paper, scissors tradition. Despite limited resources economical, demographical and infrastructural, the country has produced many of Europe’s best rock, paper, scissors-heroes of all times. Now we want to bring the world’s largest rock, paper, scissors arrangement to Norway.

Oslo – the natural centre
Oslo 2015 will generate substantial adverse impact and symbolic value for all games of rock, paper, scissors. In Oslo the rock, paper, scissors family will be gathered in one city, for the first time since the last World Championship. It will be the first time the World Championships is held this far north.

Hardly any other city has a more unique character than Oslo. It is a vital, vibrant, urban city located between the forest and the blue sea, south of the Arctic Circle with the northern lights that occasionally light up the winter sky.

The rock, paper, scissors sport’s history is also closely associated to both the northern areas and Oslo. The Sami (Norway’s indigenous people) belong to the history’s earliest rock, paper, scissors players. They were known for their tactics and endurance, learned through the use of RPS in nomadic reindeer trade.

A World Championship in December will be a boost for the entire region. Oslo is the natural centre of the country, where new permanent jobs and more knowledge- intensive industry will emerge.

The transportation concept
Much of the traffic can be carried out both by foot and by collective offerings. Oslo is very accessible for visitors. Arrival is possible from the sea, air and through a well- developed road network. Ice-free straits, fjords and harbours are among its virtues. Three airports in the core area ensures efficient transportation for all.

As the capital and the country’s main tourist destination, Oslo is in a unique position in Norway in terms of hotel capacity. In addition, Oslo has a population basis which means that we have the largest market for private accommodation (e.g. trough such services as AirBnB) and a large number of student housing. Oslo covers all WRPSSrequirements for accommodation without using temporary. The offer will be established hotels with well-established routines, competent staff and broad service experience.

Arena Concept
In 2015 the contestants can compete in traditional, world-class arenas as well as moremodern, urban environments. The overall concept for the Oslo application lay down clear guidelines as to where in the city the arena will be situated. We do not wish to establish new facilities, but will use the already established national facilities.

The arena concept for Oslo 2015 will draw on the following principles, preconditions and requirements:

Regional and local subsequent use
Spectator potential
Natural preconditions
Observing local environmental conditions
Reasonable economy

Oslo 2015 recognize the security risks the world cup will afflict the capital. After 9/11 not even a rock, paper, scissors Championship can stay indifferent to the threat of terrorism. Oslo 2015 knows about the risk of increased activity amongst pickpockets, prostitutes and beggars. The security of the athletes, guests, spectators, members of the media and others is our first priority. The RPS World Championship in Oslo 2015 will be at safe event, at the same time we work for events with a limited degree of armed police and security forces.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Application sent the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, 15th August, 2015.